Fiscal Sponsorship

Cine Qua Non offers fiscal sponsorship to a limited number of projects.

About Fiscal Sponsorship:

As a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, also known as a 501(c)(3), Cine Qua Non, Inc. is eligible to receive funds from foundations, corporations, and government donors. Individuals may make contributions that qualify for the charitable income tax deduction.

Sponsored projects maintain complete creative autonomy. All rights, titles, copyright, and control belong to the producer.

Becoming a Sponsored Project:

To become a sponsored project, simply call or email our staff at We will send you an application and review it immediately.

Fees and Payment:

If a project is receiving fiscal sponsorship through Cine Qua Non any funds it receives are passed through CQN, minus a 7% fee that covers administrative, book-keeping, bank fees and auditing costs. There is a $100 fee to enroll in the program.

Contributions are deposited in a dedicated federally insured account. Fees are deducted at the time of contribution.

Checks are written every two weeks. If needed, turnaround can happen as soon as a check or money order clears at the bank. Checks can either be sent by mail or picked up at our office.

Producers may participate in our sponsorship program on a non-exclusive basis.

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